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We create Pocket PC Software and Web-based Applications. Currently, we have a small selection of Pocket PC Games, but a wide variety of various interesting subjects. We have created and Analog Clock Program and Pocket Chips Challenge is currently in Beta version, but we'll soon have some Web Applications avalable. We also have free Visual Basic source code available in the Source Code section of the web site. For George Carlin Lyrics, visit the George Carlin section. There are currently lyrics to one of George Carlin's CDs and soon to be another.

We're sorry, but due to security issues the forums are currently offline. We are unable to give an ETA as to when they will be back up at this time.

For other information, see the news items below:

Sorry, no Smartphone version

[ Friday, July 31, 2009 ]
After looking into what it would take to run this software on a smartphone (no touchscreen and lower resolution), I determined the resolution is just too low (it only comes in 176x220, 160x240, and 208x240) to accommodate the necessary screen real estate required for the software.

Also, I had to put off working on the project for the past few days due to the heat from the weather and the additional heat a running computer creates (I have no AC). But as temperatures continue to drop, I'll work on it more.

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Alpha 2.0 Released

[ Sunday, July 26, 2009 ]
The alpha 2.0 release is now available for download from the Pocket Chips Challenge page. As an extra bonus, I threw in a feature for those with keyboards to go to the Previous Level, Next Level, or Restart by pressing P, N, or R respectively. Hopefully that helps make this game more fun to play. I did not release a version for the Smartphone yet, because I haven't tested it and as I understand, you can't use a stylus, so you can't get around in the menus at this time.

At this point, all that's left to do is wrap up the UI with menus and other screens, add scoring, and implement passwords as well as the ending. Keep in mind that I haven't programmed the ending just yet, nor have I play tested it, so I'm not sure if winning the last level will lock the game up or just restart the last level.

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Almost ready for a release

[ Sunday, July 26, 2009 ]
Well, I now have a version I'm happy with. It's now superior to the old one in just about every way. It has all of the features the old one had plus sound, saving, and the ability to work with newer devices. One of the few exceptions is that this version will only work with devices running Pocket PC 2003 and newer. So sorry for you people with older devices like the Cassiopeia E-125 that run a MIPS processor; you'll have to upgrade. Now, as soon as I can get the files packaged up in an install file, I'll release for distribution. Hopefully, that will be tomorrow. Also, I'm planning to include all the necessary files to run the app this time.

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It's working!!!

[ Saturday, July 25, 2009 ]
I know I'm updating much more frequently than before, but development is coming along quickly and things are finally getting exciting again as I'm very close to posting a release. After a bit of working with the code to load files in the app directory (and a little more code writing), I got it to compile and run on the emulator without errors. After that, I decided to run the new version on my phone/pocket pc and after a bit (sync trouble) it ran great. I noticed a few things right away though.

First, I noticed that if I pulled out my keyboard, which causes it automatically to go to landscape mode, it was drawing the game in landscape. Although I hadn't written code to compensate for the new dimensions, it at least drew the main game window and I could close the keyboard to go back to portrait mode. I'll put some code in for this next.

I also noticed that if I switched to another application while it was still running, it appeared as an icon on the bottom of the home screen and I could go back to it. This is one thing I wanted to get out of the rebuild, so I'm happy with that.

Unfortunately, I encountered the same keyboard input problems that I did on the computer with chip jumping 2 squares every so often, so I want to fix that before I release the game.

Also, I had placed some code to show me keyboard input codes, so I mapped all the buttons out with their respective codes and I plan to take advantage of that. I do need to make sure to provide a SIP for PPCs without a keyboard, but it's nice to allow both.

And finally, it DOES SAVE your game where you last left off. Whew, just those few small things to take care of and I think it should be good for an updated alpha or beta release.

Oh yeah, in case you didn't notice, I also did a little update to the website to allow me to post code.

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Not so bad news after all

[ Saturday, July 25, 2009 ]
It seems the cause of the problem was related to GapiDraw after all. Apparently between versions 4.1 and 4.2, they changed a little line in the source code from:
#if defined(_WIN32_WCE) && (_WIN32_WCE < 0x500)
bStartFullscreen = TRUE;

#if defined(_WIN32_WCE)
bStartFullscreen = TRUE;

Which means it wasn't starting as a Fullscreen for Windows Mobile 5.0 and up previously and now it is. Thank goodness for the Visual Studio Line-by-Line debugging and emulation. So, now on to finishing up the program.

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