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George Carlin
TI Calulators
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Links to other sites

George Carlin
GeorgeCarlin.comGeorge Carlin's Home Page

Chip's Challenge
Chip's challenge PageLots of information about Chip's Challenge
chips_challenge Yahoo GroupA Yahoo group all about Chip's Challenge
Chip's Challenge EditorThe home page of John Elion's Chip's Challenge Editor

Graphing Calculators
ticalc.orgThe best site for all TI Calculators
hpcalc.orgThe best site for HP Calculators

Pocket PC
Pocket GamerFor Gamers on the go
Freeware Pocket PCWonderful Pocket PC freeware site

VB WorldAn excellent site with great examples for VB.
VB SquareAnother great site with very useful examples.
VB AcceleratorA site for very advanced VB Programming.

BattleBotsA site about robots that fight.
Zelda ClassicA zelda program that runs on a PC. You can create your own quests for it.
Open ZeldaThis is based on Zelda: a link to the past.
Broken Link TestDon't Click here.

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