Super Pocket Tetris

Super Pocket Tetris is meant to be a fully-featured tetris game with every option I have ever wanted in a tetris game, such as 2-player support, options for the way it is played, special blocks, and cheats. The basic tetris code has now been developed. Features and optimizations are underway. Graphics are looking good and improving over time. Sound has been implemented. Soon, 2-player support will be implemented. This will not only be 2 player, but will have many more options than the classic tetris.

Super Pocket Tetris is currently a full working version of the classic tetris. Scoring is implemented as in the original Gameboy Tetris. One additional feature, however, is not only the ability to speed the block downwards, but also to instantly drop for additional points. There is a nice title screen, and dual block rotation. Good sound and animation also exist. Pausing is implemented, for those times you need to set it down.

There are still a number of features that are to be implemented before the game is to be released. First of all, I have not integrated everything into 1 package yet. The only file that will remain outside will be a background bitmap. This is so somebody can create a different bitmap and use it for a background if they want. Another feature I decide to add was a highscore table, and when you think about it, you realize that this is an essential component of tetris. Then the cool features come, such as special blocks and 2-player mode.

Super Pocket Tetris Image

Pocket Tetris will be available soon for download. The features available will only be those currently implemented. The features that were planned will not be implemented as described above. The reason for this is a change of direction with software development as described on the homepage.

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