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Windows Software Source Code

I have created a lot of sourcecode over the years, and although it may not be topnotch, I wanted to share it. Here are a few examples that I found worthy of putting on my site:

From the best of my memory, here is a brief description of each program.

Bitmap Converter
This program converts a bitmap (Either 16 or 256 colors) to a gray scale. This is very useful for creating programs for the palm that you happen to have in color.

Pi Memorizer
This program is designed to help you learn Pi to as many digits as you can remember. The program has an included textfile with 10,000 digits included, but more could be added by simply replacing the file. I had used it to memorize up to over 200 digits when I initially created, but after not practicing, I forgot most of them.

Factoring Program
This program is a useful one. You type in any positive (I'm not sure if negative works) integer, and it factors the number for you. For instance, if you typed 50, it would spit out 5, 5 and 2. These are the basic prime numbers used to make 50 when multiplied together.

This is a basic hangman game, that has just 1 word. It was intended to demonstrate some basic principles of making a hangman game with VB, such as drawing a guy, preventing use of the same letter twice, and changing the letters in the unknown word.

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