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Welcome to

Thank you for visiting my web page. There have been MANY visitors since 10/01/97.

Final update

I still have a TI-86, but could not get any links to work with it. I even tried a real graph-link. It will not have any software put on it because of this. I have sold my HP49g and TI-92 calculators. I went through and updated as many links as I could on these pages as well. I am now programming Pocket PCs, which are superior in every way. My site is Iceboxman Technologies.

I now have a TI-86

Now that I have a new calculator, this page might be update more often than every 2 years.

I sold my TI-85 to buy an HP 49g!!!

Okay, I haven't updated my page for a reeeaaaallly long time. Other things have been taking up much of my time such as computer programming on the PC, and frankly Ive lost interest for a while. This page will probably disappear soon. I don't have a TI-85 anymore, I don't think anyone looks at these pages, I never get E-mail, I have an English paper to work on, I'm setting up my computer as a web server, and I have too many web pages and too little interest to keep this up to date.
Be sure to check the news section to see the changes.

Hot Games Section

I have added a section that has my favorite games and a little about them for both the TI-85 and TI-92. It will sort of be like a review section, but it will contain specially selected games. (This gives me an excuse to try out a bunch of games.) I can't wait for Will Stokes to come out with Abysmal Descent. This game sounds very promising. Look for this section in the next week.

Current News

This site has been updated finally. There isn't a whole lot of content change just yet except for this page, but that may change soon.

Please come back soon and visit me.

This page is not being updated anymore. Only maintained.

To see what changes have been made, check out the News section

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