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TI-85 Emulator

The TI-85 Emulator is a program that I like very much. You can have a virtual TI-85 on your computer and have multiple sets of memory(backup files). Transferring files to it isn't a problem if you do it one of two ways:

  • You have two computers and you built 2 links one being a special link that can couple with the other.
  • The other is you can transfer it to your calc using a linking program. Then transfer it back like you would to another calc.

I tried both of these and I perferred using the first method because it was easier. I even put a copy of the emulator on each and played ztetris against both my wife and son. It was really fun. I wish there were some way to build a multiplay link adaptor that could handle up to 4 players like on gameboy. Well, maybe that will be something to put on here if I ever decide to try and design one. :-)

TI-92 Emulator

I have played with the Tiger Emulator which includes about everything, but linkport emulation. When that is figured out, I will try it on a couple different computers, and play link games. More info on this topic to come soon.

Other Emulators

Over the last few weeks, I have taken a look at other emulators. I have played with NES, SNES, Gameboy and Atari 2600 emulators. I will post some links for those of you who are interested. They are actually quite fun. Here are some sites for these emulators:

Video Game Emulator Sites
Site: Description:
http://boxotrix.it-ias.depaul.edu/~pcae/ PC Atari Emulator (Not Responding)
http://nesticle.parodius.com Nesticle, NES Emulator (Not Responding)
http://users.aol.com/autismuk/gameboy.htm Gameboy 97 Emulator
http://www.maverickgrp.com/gamesrealm/snes-em.html SNES Emulators (Currently Not Working)

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