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12/21/01Updated several pages. Converted to ASP.
12/20/01Main page updated.
07/22/98Main page updated. Redid menubar.
02/16/98Main page updated.
01/28/98Javascript flexibility issue solved and fixed.
01/27/98Title is smaller. Some other graphics changed. Frame sizes modified. Nearly finished. Need to work on Hot Games section.
01/26/98Main and Projects sections updated. Hot Games section added. Links fixed. Page reconstruction begins. Highlite Button Function removed. Navigation bar is javascript-controlled rather than HTML-controlled. Problems may arise. New Layout!
01/23/98Main, Usgard, TI-92, Shells, Other Sites, and Projects sections updated. "No frames" seamlessly integrated into page. Copyright added.
01/19/98Main and TI-92 sections updated. Page structure slightly altered.
01/15/98Main and TI-92 sections updated.
01/14/98Main and TI-92 sections updated. Update notice added to main page.
01/07/98Main and TI-92 sections updated.
01/05/98Main, Emulators, Other Sites, and News sections updated. Various links checked and some removed
12/19/97Main Page updated.
12/11/97Colors on page changed. Many "under construction" notices removed.
11/26/97Look of page updated.
11/25/97Section Zshell Removed. Section TI-92 added.
11/06/97Sections Main, Emulator, and Other Sites updated.
11/05/97Sections Main and Emulator updated.
10/12/97Sections Main, Projects, and Other Sites updated.
10/08/97Javascript added to buttons. Section projects added.
10/07/97Section Usgard was updated. Links were fixed. Updated some frames.
10/03/97Sections ZShell, Usgard, and Main were updated.
10/02/97Sections Main, Usgard, Zshell, Shells, Linking, Emulator, News and Other Sites were added.
10/01/97This site was improved and framed. Construction begins.
9/30/97This site was founded.

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