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Shells for the TI-85

File Name: Size: Description:
usgard.zip 187k Usgard v1.5
zshell.zip 26k Zshell v4.0 The first OS/Shell for the TI-85
phatOS.zip 46k Phat OS v0.9 for TI-85.
rigel.zip 103k Rigel v1.0 for TI-85.
os85v31.zip 21k OS-85 v3.1 for TI-85.
cshell30.zip 5k Cshell-NT v3.05 for TI-85. Very small.
snsdk094.zip 43k Super Nova OS for TI-85.
mish.zip 16k Menu Independent SHell (MISh) v1.6

Shells for the TI-92

File Name: Size: Description:
fargo- 246k Fargo

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